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All About Newham NDP

Newham NDP is the new Not For Profit organisation set up by West Ham and Plaistow NDC to continue providing community benefit to the NDC area and beyond.

Newham NDP will continue all the excellent work carried out over the 10years of the NDC Programme. NDP is made up of a board of 12 Directors, a Chief Executive, two Community Development Workers, a Facilities Manager and Reception Staff.

The role of the company is to provide community benefits to the area either directly or in partnership with other stakeholders.

If you would like to find out more you can contact us on 020 3150 0080

Newham NDP Team
Jessica Wanamaker Chief Executive
Jenny Everett facilities and Finance Manager
Anita Blow Community Development Worker
Howard Mendick Community Development Worker
Siobhan Gentles Reception Team
Suboohi Shahnawaz Reception Team
Mary H Brown Reception Team


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